Premium Silken Sleepware
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For Your Home

Our home collection features a variety of bedding and accessories in silk, leather, cashmere and rayon from bamboo. No effort or expense is spared to deliver the best experience possible.

Every Raeshmi® product embodies our passion for the best materials, design innovation and great attention to detail. Here are some examples:

Premium MaterialsOur duvets use a high quality, long-strand mulberry silk fill; their shells are a soft-but-sturdy cotton, a unique silk-cotton Whispercale® or an incredibly light, pure silk habotai.
Our duvet covers are shirt-weight Belgian linen or a rose-petal-soft silk-cotton Whispercale
Intelligent DesignOur Bluvet® is a unique combination of duvet, blanket and bedspread in one.
The PillowMate™ enhances your favorite pillow with a healthy layer of silk floss.
A Pick-a-Side™ duvet lets couples with different warmth choices sleep comfortably.
Our silk habotai duvet is simply the lightest and coziest available anywhere.
Fine WorkmanshipTake a close look at the fine stitching used to bind our silk fleece blankets, or how carefully we reinforce the stress points in our delicate silk habotai duvet.


* Whispercale® is our trademark finish for silk and silk blend satins that imparts a soft-as-a-rose-petal hand and muted sheen.