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Private Label Services

“I can’t believe your quality is made in China!”  We hear that all the time.  It’s a compliment, and testimony to the talent and hard work that goes into our products.

Our dedicated teams in China and the US take care of every detail from concept design through sampling, production, inspection, shipping and final delivery to our clients’ location.  No middleman is ever involved.  We are unique in that we have the nimbleness of a small company and the knowledge and reach of a large one.

While we are not saddled with the fixed costs of owning production facilities, we have invested in long-standing relationships with our contract manufacturers whom we have trained to our high quality standards.  Everyone in the factory is on alert when a Silk Story® order comes through.

We go to the source for every raw material to get the best price and quality.  Our clients appreciate our quick turnaround with samples. We efficiently dovetail multiple orders into batch production runs, and can thus offer low minimums, excellent pricing and tremendous flexibility of custom colors, sizes and designs.

Our private label clients are those who value our unique service — European quality at Asian prices delivered right to their door.  They have a strong brand with focus on sales and distribution, and we bring our sourcing and logistics skills.  They come to us for our quality and innovation, and return because we deliver more than we promised, and always with a smile.

We are proud of our reputation of integrity, innovation, quality and compelling value. Please contact us — you’ll be surprised at what we can do for you!