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Silk-Cotton Whispercale

Whispercale® is our trademark finish for silk and silk blends. This unique, machine-washable luxury fabric is a Silk Story® innovation.

Imagine sleeping on a bed of soft, smooth rose petals! Our all-natural silk-cotton Whispercale® fabric comes very close, and is easier to maintain and lasts longer.

We specially treat this fabric so the fibers swell and relax, and its bright satin shine ebbs to a subtle, welcoming glow. It stays cool to the touch all night long – an important attribute for sound, refreshing sleep.

Whispercale® is pre-shrunk for a perfect fit. Ironed or not, it looks smooth and inviting. Fine tailoring and neutral colors complement your décor with understated elegance.

Whispercale® is currently available in sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. We will soon introduce bed skirts, pillow shams, coverlets and sleepwear. All have the luxury of silk and the easy care of cotton.

Resting your hair and skin on Whispercale® has many healthful benefits. Experience blissful sleep like never before.