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Your Best Night's Sleep

Raeshmi products combine the luxurious softness, lightness and warmth of silk with its many naturally healthful benefits to bring you the best night's sleep you've ever had.

Here are some unique attributes of our silk-filled bedding:

No OverheatingUnlike down and polyfill, silk breathes and adjusts to your body temperature.
No Shifting or Cold SpotsLong fiber mulberry silk fill stays in place, even without quilting.
Leak-proofOur tightly-woven yet comfortably light shell fabrics ensure that the silk fill stays inside.
Allergy-freeSilk is naturally and permanently allergy-free. Down and polyfill must be chemically treated to be hypoallergenic, but the treatment wears off over time.
No Sweaty DiscomfortSilk absorbs moisture, helping you stay cool and dry while you sleep. It's great for those suffering from night sweats.
No Mold /MildewSilk lets moisture evaporate quickly, preventing mold, mildew and odors.
Bug-freeSilk is naturally resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, etc.
SilentUnlike down which can be noisy as you shift in bed, silk is perfectly silent.
Light and Non-bulkySilk bedding is perfect for the elderly and those with arthritis and neuropathy.