Premium Silken Sleepware
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Healthful Indulgence

 The Best EiderdownRaeshmi® Silk
Comfort & Luxury
Lightweight & WarmYesYes
AppearanceThick & bulkySlim & flexible
FeelSoftSoft and smooth
BreathableNo (traps heat, overheats)Yes (keeps steady temperature)
Contours to bodyNoYes
Perfectly SilentNoYes
Health & Safety
Naturally allergy-freeNoYes
Keeps you dry and coolNoYes
Fire retardantNoYes, naturally
Mold & mildew resistantNoYes, naturally
Repels bugs & dust mitesNoYes, naturally
Fill stabilityShort fibers leak, shift & bunchLong fibers stay in place
Year-round useNoYes
CareDry cleanDry clean