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Silk-Filled PillowMates
An Icing of Soft, Smooth, Allergy-Free Silk On Your Favorite Pillow


Silk-filled pillows are luxurious and healthy but lose loft as the fill flattens with use.  Overstuffing helps, but significantly (and needlessly, we think) raises the price of the pillow.


Enter a Raeshmi innovation — the silk-filled PillowMate™.  Simply unzip the 3-sided opening, place your favorite pillow inside and zip it up.  Then install a pillow case.


The result: a generous layer of silk touching your hair and skin, in a pillow that's familiar and feels great.  The best of both worlds!


Hint: PillowMates are compact and travel well.  So bring one along to upgrade that flimsy hotel pillow.


PillowMates™ come in a choice of shells — white 230-count cotton dobby or off-white silk-cotton Whispercale®.

Included: a tailored cotton storage bag which is handy for packing clothes while traveling.



Use with a pillow case.  Raeshmi pillow cases — in pure white linen or silk-cotton Whispercale® — fit perfectly.

Air & fluff monthly — 15 minutes in a low-temperature dryer or 1-2 hours outdoors in the shade.

Do not wash or iron.  Spot clean stains with a gentle, no-bleach detergent and air dry.  If necessary, dry clean professionally using a low moisture, low temperature, gentle setting.

Store in dry, ventilated space.



Pillow Sleeve



36 x 20 in


30 x 20 in


26 x 20 in