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Silk-Filled Eye Mask
Blissful Sleep


A Raeshmi eye mask has a generous filling of mulberry silk floss encased in pure silk satin or a distinctive textured silk.  The soft elastic head­band is also covered in silk.

The result:  an incredibly soft mask that cradles your face and eyes.  So go ahead, shut out the world for a delicious, well-deserved siesta.

Our textured silk eye mask is yet another example of our use of unique fabrics.  Gambiered Canton Silk is hand-dyed by repeated soaking in red yam juice and drying.  Smooth black pond clay is then spread on the fabric and dried in the sun.  When the silk is finally washed, it emerges a delightfully light fabric with the smooth touch of silk and the crisp­ness of linen. Its black color is softened by veins of deep red which give it the look of weathered leather.


Gently hand wash in cold water with a mild, no-bleach detergent and air dry.  For best results, please dry clean.

Colors & Size

Silk SatinDeep purple
Canton SilkBlack with deep red veins

One Size